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Bathtub Reglazing in Brooklyn, NY


Bathtub reglazing is a method that will restore the comfort, cleanliness, and hygienic appearance of the bathroom. It is not pleasant to use a bathtub daily, which has a surface covered with non-removable spots, chips, and cracks. Taking a bath in a tub of which its enamel is rough to touch and scratches with sharp edges of chips is not only unpleasurable but it can even cause injuries.

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Liquid acrylic

To make daily hygiene procedures pleasant, and the bathtub pleasing with its whiteness and gloss, the Bathtub Refinishing NYC company specialists in Brooklyn recommend the repair procedure using liquid acrylic. The features and advantages of this material allow using it to resurface the tubs even in the most deplorable condition and achieve amazing results.

The density and perfect whiteness of acrylic create a new layer on the surface of the tub, which gives it the appearance of a just bought and installed bath.

Any defects, whether it is the heterogeneity of color, darkening, spots, or chips on the enamel, its detachments from metal, deep cracks are successfully effectively solved by bathtub reglazing with liquid acrylic.

The material has excellent adhesion to various types of surfaces, due to this feature, it is reliably held for many years without detaching.

Due to its shock-resistant, elastic and plastic nature, it can withstand accidental falls of heavy objects and strong shocks, as well as daily use by all residents of the apartment.

The acrylic-coated surface serves for about 15 years while remaining as attractive and pleasant to the touch as immediately after being resurfaced.

Bathtub repair in Brooklyn

The durability of the material is shown not only in its preservation of the integrity of the bathtub even under daily and intensive influences, but also in its ability to repel rust and dirt, remaining snow-white.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is bathtub reglazing?

QuestionBathtub reglazing is the process of giving an old bathtub a fresh coat of paint to make it seem brand new. It is sometimes referred to as bathtub resurfacing or refinishing.

Why should I consider bathtub reglazing?

ChoiceReglazing a bathtub is a more affordable and practical option than replacing it, which can be both expensive and time-consuming.

If you want to alter the color or finish of your bathtub, reglazing is another excellent choice.

What is the material?

ArmoglazeTo renew the bathtub we use liquid acrylic brand "Armoglaze".
The solidification time of the material is 24 hours.
The process is odorless, i.e. non-toxic.

How long does the reglazing process take?

How long?The entire process of preparing and coating the bathtub with liquid acrylics takes around 3 hours (depending on the complexity of the work it can take up to 4 hours).

The time for the complete drying of the material is about 24 hours. During the work and subsequent hardening of the material, there is no smell.

How long does the reglazed finish last?

ServiceThe reglazed finish should endure for 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. It's essential to follow the reglazing company's maintenance advice in order to lengthen the finish's lifespan.

Bathtub Reglazing Until With Discount!
Bathtub Reglazing With Discount!
  • Pour-on application EcoTub™
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Additional Services

Caulking Caulking $75
Abrasive cleaning baths Abrasive Cleaning Bathtub $49

Bathtub Refinishing Before and After

Bathtub restoration in Brooklyn (before and after)

Bathtub Enameling Prices in Brooklyn

Spray-On Application Pour-On Application
Lifetime check 1-3 years check up to 20 years
Same Day Service? check 2-3 days check Yes
Working Process check from 5 hours check 3-4 hours
Odorless check no check yes
Drying Time check 2 days check 24 hours
COST from $259 from $259
Main difference

Bathtub reglazing with liquid acrylic in Brooklyn is carried out by the specialists of the Bathtub Refinishing Inc. company in record time and is the fastest repair method available today. The speed of execution and quality rarely go hand in hand, but in the case of acrylic, this is indeed the case.

Speed of execution

The pliable texture of the material, when handled properly, allows the coating to be applied in 1 hour. Taking into account the preparatory work, the entire repair process takes about 3 hours by the specialist. The drying time of the surface depends on the type of material chosen. From different manufacturers, you can find acrylics with a drying time up to 24 hours in the assortment. We take into account the requirements of our customers, and if one of them is speed, then a quick-drying variety of material will be chosen for the work.

The speed and ease of reglazing with acrylic are also explained by the absence of the need to disassemble the fixed bathtub. This not only saves a lot of time and eliminates unnecessary work, unnecessary dirt in the apartment, and inconveniences, but also allows you to preserve the decoration of the walls and floor without resorting to subsequent redecoration of the bathroom.

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The restoration method much more affordable than replacing the bathtub, saving the client up to 70% of its cost. It is also worth considering that at its affordable cost and economy, the reglazing by pouring method lets you forget about replacing and repairing the tub for the next 15 years. We recommend bath repair with liquid acrylic as an effective, affordable, and long-lasting method of renovating bathrooms, because the plumbing will get an attractive gloss and a rich whiteness.

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